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10 April, 2017 by infines

Coming to Málaga and Costa del Sol means finding beautiful landscapes, fabulous beaches, delicious food, interesting customs and traditions. It means discovering a rich cultural heritage, amazing coastal areas, and charming white hinterland villages. It is unveiling marvellous secrets that will make your stay unforgettable.

Come visit us! Start planning your perfect getaway!

Nature & Activities :

There are really hidden gems in Malaga. Natural areas and sites,white villages,places for active travellersand great,hearty food.Be in contact with natura in Málaga :

You will be surprised .

  • Amazing urban and tropical beaches

  • Natural landscapes

    • Camino del Rey (Ardales)

    • El Torcal (Antequera)

    • El Chorro (Ardales)

    • Green footpath

    • Copper Forest ( ronda)

    • Laguna de fuente de Piedra

    • Tarifa (Gibraltar)

  • and much more……..

  • Specially for kids


Sites with great artistic value, history and tradition. Visiting the historic, artistic and architectural heritage of Malaga is discovering its unique cultural richness.  The cultural offer is rounded off with theatres, museums and exhibition and concert halls with an interesting and varied programme. A series of 784 Cultural Interest Sites, including monuments, archaeological sites and historic places, and a living and up-to-date cultural programme turns Malaga and its Costa del Sol into the reference destination for culture lovers. 

  • Centro Pompidou (Málaga)

  • Román Theatre (Málaga)

  • Balcony of Europe (Nerja)

  • Tajo de Ronda

  • The Caves (Nerja)

  • Alhambra (Granada)

  • House and museum of Piccaso

  • Puerto Banús

  • And much more , just be on time to reservate your tickets !!

Gastronomy :

One of the tourist and gastronomic attractions of Malaga  are the “Espetos”, an ancient tradition that fortunately still maintaine for the enjoyment of all who live at or near the Costa del Sol. The espeto is the technique of roasting sardines on the beach with firewood and spearing fish into thin and long canes.

Mijas has also a selection of gastronomical restaurants. Spanish cuisine, it is always a delight to taste the gastronomy on the costa del sol . Or try out one of the typical dishes of the area!

In the more gastronomical type of restaurants, you can go for the traditional dishes.
What are the typical dishes for Andalusia and Costa del Sol ? Most of these dishes are ‘Primero platos’ or starters. Below you can find a few of these typical dishes part of the Gastronomy of Mijas:

  • GAZPACHO : This cold vegetable soup is a traditional dish in the whole of Andalusia and has several varieties. The basic ingredients of this soup are always tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olive oil and vinegar. The soup is served very cold, sometimes even with ice cubes.

  • SALMOREJO : This starter is also a cold soup, made from tomatoes, bread, olive oil, garlic and vinegar. It gazpacho looks like a gazpacho but is thicker and more creamy. This soup if often accompanied by slices of ham and cubes of boiled egg.

  • GAZPACHUELO : Another soup but this one is served hot, contrary to the gazpacho. The soup is made from a fish stock, a sort of mayonnaise, potatoes, olive oil and garlic. It is served with ‘gambas’ or other pieces of fish in it.

  • CACHORRENAS : A hot soup that is mostly prepared in winter and autumn. Prepared with oranges, garlic, paprika’s, olive oil and vinegar. In Mijas this soup is often served with sardines.

  • BUNUELOS : These are like fried donuts that can be sweet or salty. The sweet version with chocolate is delicious! Sometimes they fill these Buñuelos with fish or fruits.

  • HOZARNO : Is a meat pie with porc, chorizo and a boiled egg. There are different versions of this Hozarno but the egg is always the main ingredient. This dish is typical in the easter period.


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